Providing The Best Underground Directional Drilling in NJ
Connecting two ends easily with trenchless drilling technology
Learn how efficient and cost effective it is to connect utility lines underground with Directional Drilling & Boring
East Coast Utility, LLC Uses Trenchless Technologies

Directional Drilling And Boring With East Coast Utility, LLC (NJ)

Installation of underground utilities has traditionally drawn in open trenching. The contractor had to excavate near existing utilities to get to the deepness mandatory to put in conduit. Costly sidewalks, pavement, brick paving, sod and other surfaces had to be cut open and replaced. There was always a hazard of hitting existing underground utilities during excavation. Additionally, the excavation usually causes interruption of traffic and is an inconvenience to nearby businesses.

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East Coast Utility Vacuum Extraction

For a highly non-intrusive, inimically invasive method to clear and detect an underground utility location for your New Jersey project, vacuum extraction is the best option. Vacuum extraction is an affordable and safe alternative to use for under ground utility needs, gas/water service line installation and even soil sampling.

Vacuum Extraction Leaders in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey, East Coast Utility are one of the vacuum extraction and soft dig experts. Our vacuum extraction methods use both water and air depending on the

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About East Coast Utility, LLC

About East Coast Utility, LLC, serving NJ (New Jersey) and the surrounding states of NY, PA, DE & MD.

East Coast Utility, LLC has been providing directional boring and trenching services to the Cable, Telecommunications and Wireless industry since 2007. The company was founded by Thomas Colleran, a 20 year veteran in field of Trenchless Technologies, with the idea of promoting his HDD reputation & work ethic, delivering quality, cost effective work, creating a team of very satisfied customers.

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